What if diamonds were not woman’s best friends?

For many years, diamonds were loyal to women but with the new changing trend these days, a woman wants more than obedience. They want classiness, style and beauty reflecting in their personalities. Wherever girls go, either college or a club; they never forget their friends in any outing. It’s like impossible to break the bond between a woman and her makeup kit. Here’s my story of how I befriended with makeup through Nude by Nature Promo Codes.

Summertime Jewellery has just arrived at NAJO

Isn’t it the season to be jolly? Well its snowfall up in the United States and Europe but hey the summers have arrived over here. Ah, the time when we can finally relax in some fine summer fabrics and enjoy the best of the tropical world. Pineapple smoothies, mango smoothies, surfing the waves, beach volleyball, Thanksgiving and Christmas plus the New Year and other holidays around. NAJO Jewellery Promo Code is one of the best things to come around at this time of the year because I love jewellery with my favourite summer clothes.


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I was not in a mood to cook as it was a quite hectic day at work and asked my husband to bring something home while he was on his way home. I was all in a relaxing mood when the doorbell rang. I was myself not sure who was on the door and when I opened it I saw my parents standing on the door. My parents live in other city they gave me a surprise by paying an uninformed visit. I was so happy to see them and welcomed them inside the house. I was meeting my parents after a long time and this was a very pleasant visit they paid. I remember this was the first time I came across Menulog promo codes from SuperSaverMama

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You may have heard, you are what you wear and this is something I completely believe in. I have experienced many ups and downs in my life and naturally during every emotions roller coaster ride, my clothes selection were affected. Usually I get my clothes through Supersavermama so my wardrobe is full of different colors and designs.