Enhance Your Taste Bud with the Mouthwatering Food through Menulog

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I was not in a mood to cook as it was a quite hectic day at work and asked my husband to bring something home while he was on his way home. I was all in a relaxing mood when the doorbell rang. I was myself not sure who was on the door and when I opened it I saw my parents standing on the door. My parents live in other city they gave me a surprise by paying an uninformed visit. I was so happy to see them and welcomed them inside the house. I was meeting my parents after a long time and this was a very pleasant visit they paid. I remember this was the first time I came across Menulog promo codes from SuperSaverMama


When my parents came I informed my husband to come home directly. This meant I have to decide from new side what to order or cook. Though cooking was not an option right now as I was tired and wanted to spend more time with my mum by my side. While talking to her I logged on to the Menulog site and kept on searching for the right cuisine which my parents would like.

Just this afternoon at workplace I came to know about Menulog and its hefty discounts when a colleague was talking all good about the food and services. Since that time the store was on my mind. I was glad that I got to try it out now with my family.


I found the Arabic cuisine at the platform which looked quite pleasing to me and as my dad was huge fan of Arabic food so I thought of ordering something from there. I took help from my mum in selecting the dishes and ordered the dishes.

The food arrived within the time assigned by the store which gave me a positive sign where servicing of the store was involved.


With the arrival of the food I started dishing it out and the aroma kept on poking me to taste it now but I had to resist as everyone was already waiting for the food at the table. When I started placing the kebabs, roasted chicken, shish tawook with rice, hummus and barbequed salad made the food look so exciting and scrumptious.

I think I was not that hungry but the food got me crave for it. The taste of the food was an extraordinary as well and I got to order this all yummy food on discount using coupons offered by the store. Everyone liked the stuff ordered and with this good first experience I was sure that coming days will make this store my partner in ordering food from the good restaurants.

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